College Evaluations Update

May 7, 2024

As your high school senior prepares to embark on their college journey, there’s often an exciting flurry of activity surrounding dorm room decor, roommate selection, securing transportation, packing up essentials, and completing those last-minute requests from admissions and financial aid. Amidst these preparations, one crucial aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is ensuring that your child’s psychoeducational evaluation is up-to-date. These evaluations play a crucial role in obtaining accommodations in college, which can be instrumental in ensuring continued academic success. Let’s dive into why updated evaluations are essential:

Evolving Needs and Challenges

The transition from high school to college is a significant milestone marked by new academic, social, and environmental demands. As students navigate this transition, their needs and challenges may evolve. What worked well for them in high school may no longer suffice in the college setting. An updated evaluation provides a current snapshot of their strengths, challenges, and any changes in their learning profile. This ensures that accommodations are tailored to their current needs and circumstances.

Documentation Requirements

Colleges and universities typically require documentation of a student’s disability or learning difference in order to provide accommodations. While accommodations provided in high school may have been based on school data and previous evaluations, colleges frequently require recent documentation, often within the past three years. An updated evaluation ensures that your student will have the necessary documentation to support their accommodation requests and facilitate a smoother transition to accessing services and support available on their college campus.

Access to Appropriate Accommodations

Accommodations in college are designed to level the playing field for students with learning differences and/or social/emotional concerns, enabling them to fully participate in the academic experience. However, the accommodations available in college may differ from those provided in high school. For example, while extended time on exams is a common accommodation, colleges may offer additional services such as priority registration, separate testing setting, reduced course load, and/or access to assistive technology. An updated evaluation helps identify the accommodations that best address the student’s needs and ensures that they receive the support necessary to meet their academic and career goals.

Academic Success

Research has shown that students who utilize accommodations in college are more likely to persist and succeed academically. By providing students with the tools and support they need to effectively manage their learning differences, accommodations can contribute to improved grades, reduced stress, and increased confidence. However, in order to access these benefits, students must first have updated evaluations that accurately reflect their current needs.

Self-Advocacy and Independence

Navigating the college environment requires a degree of self-advocacy and independence. Students must be able to communicate their needs effectively, understand their rights, and actively engage with disability service providers and faculty members. An updated psychoeducational evaluation empowers students to take ownership of their learning by providing them with a clear understanding of their strengths, challenges, and accommodation needs. This knowledge equips them to advocate for themselves confidently and navigate the college landscape with greater independence.


In conclusion, updated psychoeducational evaluations are essential for students seeking accommodations in college. By providing a current assessment of their needs, facilitating documentation requirements, ensuring access to appropriate accommodations, promoting academic success and retention, and fostering self-advocacy and independence, updated evaluations play a critical role in supporting students’ transition to college and maximizing their potential for success.

As your student prepares to embark on their college journey, investing in an updated evaluation is an investment in their future academic and personal growth.