Psychiatric Evaluation Services

Psychiatric Evaluation

Family C.O.P.E. offers psychiatric evaluation services in Sarasota and Manatee areas.

A psychiatric evaluation represents a diagnostic evaluation of the child, adolescent, and parent or family. A comprehensive approach including developmental, academic, and social function is included.

Diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations are provided at the conclusion of the evaluation. The treatment plan is a biological/psychological/social approach, which can include recommendations for medications, psychotherapy, school accommodations or modifications, and family interventions.

A psychiatric evaluation involves a comprehensive assessment of the patient and family. For pediatric patients (under the age of 18), this is conducted in 2 one-hour meetings. An evaluation for an adult patient will generally last an hour. Information is gathered, including present concerns, past treatment history, and pertinent family and medical history. At the conclusion of the evaluation, preliminary treatment recommendations and follow up recommendations are provided. The evaluation can also include collaboration or consultation with primary care physicians, therapists, and school personnel when applicable.